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16 September 2013 @ 01:51 am
Dear LiveJournal,

One of my co-workers helped to code you. How awesome is that? He's actually the co-founder of the company where I work.

I spent most of the past weekend taking care of my family. I bought a stuffed crust pizza to make peace with my deadbeat brother. I gave a pep talk to my mom, and I redid her resume. It was in NOTEPAD, and it was soooooo long. It had way too much information, like the name of her nursing teacher in 1995. No one cares about that shiz. I condensed it so it looks awesome. I also did all the housework so she could search for new jobs and study Excel. I also paid bus fare for a stranger who was trying to get to work and care for his family.

I have so much going on. Work is busy. I am trying to write for my blog, and I got an idea for a pretty amazing book. I am studying for the GMAT, and it is HARD. My cat is more neurotic than Elliot Reid from [scrubs].

Corey recently asked me, "Why did you stop loving me?"

I didn't, you asshole. We'd still be together if you would just try.

I'm listening to Angela Lansbury sing "Beauty and the Beast" on repeat. She and I are both awesome. I am an awesome, nurturing person, and I will be a super amazing husband to someone, someday.

I will be such a good husband. And I am an awesome writer. Why am I doing fucking tech support? And why am I single? I just wanna be held.

Off to the cupboard with you now, Chip. It's past your bedtime.