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27 October 2009 @ 02:35 pm
I Need a Scale.  
I posted a while back that I was gonna try and lose weight again.

I have been doing pretty horribly with exercise; I've hardly done any. I also haven't actively changed my eating habits much yet; I do eat less, but it's because I have a job now, and I don't eat a ton of crap because I am sitting at home bored all day.

When I weighed myself the day of that post, I weighed 229 pounds. This past Saturday, I weighed myself at a friend's: 220 pounds. Today I weighed myself on the demo scales at Walmart - yes, I'm cheap/poor - and I weighed 215, 216 and 218 pounds.
So I have last anywhere from 10-15 pounds.

I am doing a better job of eating breakfast every day, but I need to cut back on eating out, and I could stand to do some exercise on my days off. (Have I done any today? No, haha.)

I'm doing better than I thought, but I really need to improve. The last ten pounds will be way harder to lose than the first ten.

Also, I need to break down and buy a scale, so I can actually gauge my improvement. Maybe when I get paid Friday.