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identity crisis

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I recently graduated from SHSU with a degree in Mass Communications. I am currently looking for a job. Hire me, please.


I hate hot weather, but I love water parks and snowcone stands. I am about as grown-up as an 8-year-old. I play with bouncy balls you can buy for a quarter in gumball machines, I have arguments consisting of "yes" and "no," and I like to turn random objects into projectiles (much to my friends' dismay). I like to read and write, but I hate writing about literature. I still watch the cartoons that played on television when I was 8. I own every episode of Garfield & Friends, and I even run a Wade Duck fanlisting. My friends say I am a picky eater, but I think they just like gross foods. I am more afraid of growing up than growing old.


Ice cream in many of its heavenly forms (especially ones with 'cookie' in the title); blankets of snow; caramel macchiatos; reading; girly books; late nights with friends; Mario Parties; alcohol in its girlier, tastier (or tasteless) forms; laughing so hard it hurts; Karaoke Revolution parties; The Wallflowers; good cries; cuddling up to a movie; Star Wars; Ewan McGregor movies; any girly, sappy movies; days spent entirely inside malls; Powell's City of Books; lemonade and cookies; Friday nights, Saturday nights, and all day Sunday; yearbooks; bleed lines; blown up pictures of people I hate in embarassing positions; stories; writing; unique typefaces; late nights and pillow fights; singing horribly but knowing every word; dancing to the beat of the drum in my head; homemade hot chocolate; chocolate chip cookies; anything covered in or containing chocolate, really; shoes; fashion accessories; dark hair and bright eyes; the ability to form coherent sentences; my down comforter; sleeping in late; the professional line of Adobe products; Pete Yorn; Jack Johnson; John Mayer; daydreaming; hugs that say 'I miss you;' playing in the rain; thunderstorms; and many other things.


Popped collars; tobacco in all of its horrendous forms; lack of intelligence; internet shorthand; excessive punctuation!!!; ugg boots; arrogance, ignorance, and other generally annoying personality traits; littering; people who wear clothes that are three sizes too small; Internet Explorer; Microsoft Publisher; computer monitors that refuse to support high resolutions; software deployment; Texas' 10-month summers; waking up early; and anything annoying, really.

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