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29 August 2013 @ 07:38 am

I rarely get actually angry, but my family is pushing me over the edge.

I don't have to start working until 9am, so I try to sleep at least until 8 and get a decent amount of sleep. It's hard enough when my body decides not to fall asleep until 3am or when it wakes up 7 times a night after weird, freaky dreams.

It's a lot harder when my mom, who's a volcano of negativity that erupts 800 times a day, decides to spew ash over a 3289478947-mile radius via a phone conversation at 6:30am. Why, there are people trying to sleep in the rooms next to you. That must mean PUT MY CONVERSATION ON SPEAKERPHONE and, even though I'm on speakerphone, SPEAK IN MY LOUDEST INDOOR VOICE (remember the indoor voice from elementary?) and COMPLAIN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Why should I close the door when I'm yelling at 6:30 in the morning? I mean, I couldn't possibly disturb anyone at that hour, could I? Let me just vacuum and dump 800 boulders on the roof and invite the circus to perform in the living room too. That will help people IN THE NEXT ROOM sleep peacefully.

My brother, in a drastic turn of events, actually decided to be productive yesterday and clean everything in our room. This would normally be considered awesome, but by cleaning, he means organize the things I never use and then take all the things I do want to use and put them somewhere I will never think to look. The Wii and Playstation 2 were plugged in, but the controls to said devices must've been thrown into a black hole that is closer to Pluto than to Earth. There was no way to play anything that could have drowned out my mom who was louder than a hormonal teenage girl who first had a huge acne breakout the day before prom and was then dumped by the quarterback of the football team, who then proceeded to drive by the girl's house in a limousine with the head cheerleader.

My mom FINALLY leaves for work, so I try to lay down and relax before I have to get out of bed. I can't possibly go back to sleep after this debacle, but maybe I can relax some now, right? WRONG. For some reason, my brother, who is not working, has an alarm set for 7:15am. Why? I have no idea. It's certainly not because he has a job and is helping to pay rent like he promised, though if that was the case I would be THRILLED he was waking up. But no, it seems the alarm is set solely to piss me the hell off when I'm already angry.

Of course, thirty seconds after the alarm is off, he's snoring again. Meanwhile, I'm fuming. Heaven forbid I get any sleep, when I'm the only person in the house who's had an income this month. I'm so pissed off there's now way I could fall asleep even if Chris WASN'T snoring at a volume of 3045089 decibels, and I have to be awake in an hour anyway.